Excellence and confidentiality in consulting by Anna Virrantaus

Anna Virrantaus viestintä viestintäkriisi luottamus mentorointi

Hello, this is Anna Virrantaus, communications consultant and the founder of Anis Unlimited. Very nice to e-meet!

My excellent professional background is within corporate communications, brand marketing, PR, and consulting project work from industries such as social and health care, technology, manufacturing and logistics, food and beverage, daily consumer goods, and luxury cruise travel.

I have gained extensive experience in management consulting and started my career at McKinsey & Company, the strategic management consulting firm. The seven years of fast paced consulting assignments took me from Helsinki to Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Brussels. I had the possibility not only to work with strictly confidential client projects as an Engagement Assistant, but also to mentor colleagues, develop and train new practices, and handle recruitment. 

Ever since I have highly valued both excellence and confidentiality in my work. For this reason I prefer to share client references only rarely. Depending on what has been agreed upon, I may share the industry and/or the type of work outcome. Here’s an example: we created a comprehensive marketing plan to help a growth company in their expansion.

To some people my principle may seem as a way to hinder our own marketing and sales efforts. However, a confidential way of working is the way Anis Unlimited goes about our business.

Appreciating beauty and excellence is my top character strength (source VIA Character). So in addition to confidentiality, I believe that doing research and listening to the client are key to achieving top results in communications consulting.

A client had long struggled with how to word their industry changing solution so that anyone would understand what it is that they do. After our background work and initial meeting we provided them with the draft of new key messages that were clear, understandable and based on the company’s mission. Now these messages are used across all their communications channels.

The high customer satisfaction of Anis Unlimited is therefore no coincidence. Please call me or drop me a line and let’s agree on a time suitable for both to discuss further. Looking forward to hearing how Anis Unlimited can be of service. 

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